Your story is important and deserves to be shared. Through Sharing my story I had no idea I was able to not only connect with others but heal parts of myself I was scared to talk about. As a media coach, my goal is to help you tell your story.Whether you are building a brand, selling a product, or choosing to be more vulnerable with the world, I would be honored to help you with the process. Some of the skills we will work on include:

-FINDING YOUR PERSONAL STORY. Through coaching sessions we will discover the heart of your message and brand.  Connecting to your audience through the heart is at the source of any real results for your brand and or building your online community.
-CAMERA PRESENCE.  Being vulnerable and authentic in front of camera takes practice.  As a coach, we will work through that process with ease, allowing the camera to become a focal point of comfort and inspiration, as you find your voice.
-CONTENT CREATION. Whether you are a professional or novice, it is not necessary to have the best equipment in order to create compelling content. Based on your level, I will teach you basic filming and editing strategies that can work for anyone.
-BUILDING YOUR MEDIA PLAN.  Through finding your story, developing  presence, and building your confidence, we will develop a media plan for your content/brand that you can easily execute on your own.

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